Midland Park

Midland Park is sited on land originally occupied by the Midland Hotel, which was demolished in 1982. During 2010 Wellington City Council commissioned Impact Group as Engineer to the Contract to assist with project managing the Park’s refurbishment. Owing to the large number of Park users in the summer months, the work was required to be completed prior to Christmas 2010.

The scope of the project included improved drainage, new outdoor lights and electrical work, new seating and concreting as well as landscaping. Given the popularity of Midland Park among the Wellington public, closing the Park was not an option and safe access to the Park had to be maintained. Only 50% of the Park could be closed at any one time.  The park is exposed to the public on all four sides. Extensive safety fencing had to be erected to separate the public effectively from construction activities.

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As Engineer to the Contract for the Midland Park Project, Impact has shown a high level of professionalism and commitment to service. Their varied backgrounds and level of expertise allows them to provide sound advice and rational decisions in a timely fashion.

- Bruce Moorman, Project Manager, Wellington City Council