The Co-operative Bank

In 2003, The Co-operative Bank (formerly PSIS) embarked on a growth exercise that included re-branding, refurbishing and growing its 34 nationwide branches.

As an on-going project, Impact’s role has been to manage the design and fit-out process, ensuring delivery on time and under budget. But our biggest and most important deliverable is to ensure customers and staff are able to continue their daily tasks, uninterrupted and in safety. We are proud to say we have achieved this to date.

Along the way we have implemented a Design and Style Guide, standardised components to provide a consistent ‘look and feel’ and, in the process, saved thousands of dollars at each branch.

Impact’s network of architects and contractors from Bluff to Kaitaia has enabled us to manage the project effectively from our base in Wellington, with the secret to success being the establishment of rigorous reporting structures and clear lines of communication.

Reporting directly to The Co-operative Bank’s Property Manager, Impact also reports to the Project Steering Group, which includes the PSIS Chief Executive Officer and General Manager. Impact’s work with The Co-operative Bank is still current, with further projects about to get underway.

On Wednesday 26 October 2011, PSIS became New Zealand’s first co-operative bank after gaining registration from the Reserve Bank.  PSIS was changed to The Co-operative Bank. Becoming a bank is a significant milestone in PSIS’s 84 year history (since 1928) and is something the organisation has been working towards for some time. Being a co-operative, the bank is owned by their customers. Anyone who becomes a customer becomes an owner too.

Impact has had a long and successful relationship with The Co-operative Bank (formerly PSIS) and was pleased to have been awarded the role to project manage the branch re-branding roll-out of the new ‘Co-operative Bank.’

Garth Palmer, a Director of Impact Group, says: “Having worked with the PSIS for over eight years on various projects throughout New Zealand, I wish them all the very best with this new venture.  I am sure The Co-operative Bank will be even more successful as a newly registered bank.”

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“In Impact, PSIS has found another genuine partner; an attribute we have valued in all our relationships throughout our 78-year history. Impact understands our values, our strategy and our business requirements. We are delighted with our relationship.”

- Girol Karacaoglu, former Chief Executive Officer, The Co-operative Bank