What’s in it for me?

Career Development

Impact is committed to supporting employees who recognise the importance of taking responsibility for their own career and personal development. We make it a priority to advance talented people and appreciate the value of giving employees every opportunity to progress through the organisation. The Company’s growth and success can only be achieved through people who continually evolve professionally and personally.

People Development

A well trained, talented workforce is one of our greatest strengths and, as Impact continues to expand, it is essential that our people constantly seek to realise their own potential.

We are committed to the professional development of everyone for the purpose of strengthening individual and organisational performance and enhancing job satisfaction. Impact supports personal development through learning and training activities as well as coaching and mentoring where individual employee strengths and talents are the focus. Our goal is to enable our employees to take on greater responsibility within existing and future roles at Impact.

Reward & Recognition

In a highly competitive and challenging industry such as ours, outstanding service is essential. Maintaining our competitive edge means rewarding and recognising our people for consistently high levels of performance. To promote this we have adopted a philosophy of compensating employees well for their personal achievements as well as their contribution to the team. Our total remuneration approach is designed to ensure we attract, retain and motivate the most talented employees while enhancing our corporate values.

In addition, we understand the importance of encouraging our employees to achieve a balance when meeting the demands of their professional and personal commitments while staying fit and healthy. Initiatives that contribute to the personal health and wellness of our employees are supported and we actively work to create and maintain a safe work environment.