Impact has an enviable track record in project managing high profile complex construction and infrastructure projects. We intensely plan our projects, create a “win-win” scenario, focus on complete design, closely monitor programme and micro-manage cost.

We work with clients who have a project – being an idea, a vision, a dream and it is our job to turn it into reality. Using our experience and skills, we take your idea and guide it through each phase of the development and construction process.

The process:

Firstly, we need to understand your business and your vision and we listen to what you really want and need. Then we develop a project brief, one that can be communicated to your team and other stakeholders. We select a group of designers and contractors and we build a high-performance team. One that can design and build your new premises, sports centre, printing plant or retail fit-out for example… In fact we have lead projects in almost every industry because leading and managing is what we do. Some of our key industry sector experience includes:

At Impact we offer an extensive range of project management services from overall project directorship to post-project reporting and analysis. Our expert services include:

Project Management and Directorship/Governance

Impact invests in the very best people and process which enables us to provide clients unparalleled expertise in project management, project directorship and project governance. Our project managers use the latest techniques, tools and process to deliver projects successfully. This is demonstrated by the majority of our clients returning to us – in the knowledge that each and every project will be delivered consistently, transparently and efficiently time and time again.


Project Feasibility and Analysis

Our Project Managers use leading edge techniques and processes to clarify, define and articulate project objectives before developing a clear path for delivery. This enables our clients to test the viability of their business case, goals, and aspirations as well as align all internal stakeholders to act in the best interest of project.


Cost Management

Management of costs is a critical factor in the successful delivery of any project and independent advice is an invaluable service for clients. Impact provides impartial, specialist advice on how to manage the diverse cost elements of construction projects from inception to occupation to completion.

Impact is typically appointed early in the project cycle when its expertise can influence key cost drivers and obtain best value for clients as their project progresses. This often manifests itself in development of business case, procurement strategy and advice, contractual advice and ‘whole-life’ costing advice.


Contract Administration

Contract administration includes negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts and ensuring compliance, as well as documenting and agreeing on any changes that may arise during its implementation or execution during the project life cycle. It can be summarised as the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution, and analysis for the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance and minimising risk for clients and stakeholders.


Programme Management

Programme management is about managing the integration of complex projects to deliver value to clients and stakeholders across a programme of works. This brinks all our services together and provides clients and stakeholders on large, complex and demanding programme of works transparent and the efficient delivery of projects through the life-cycle of the works.


Design Management

Impact provides a holistic design management approach where we are not only interested in the direct management of design consultants and the design process but also ensuring that the clients and stakeholder’s objectives are fully understood and the design reflects these objectives in terms of functionality, cost and brings together business needs, technology, design and branding in an overall design.


Risk Management

Every project, in one form or another, carries some risk. It can come from outside the project as well as from inside. It can be financial, people, markets, physical, political, regulatory or project relationships – anything that may impact on the delivery of the project objectives. We establish a structure and facilitate a process for the project team to consider and identify the risks, assess the probability and any likely impact. Then we develop mitigation measures and manage their implementation. We will then maintain the process and reassess the risks through the life cycle of the project. We regularly undertake Risk Management Facilitation Workshops for our clients either as part of the project process or on an as required basis to offer an independent review of a process.


Engineer to the Contract

This is the contractual term used for the individual that is responsible for administering the contract when using NZS3910:2003, the industries standard form of contract. The Engineer to the Contract is authorised to issues all Payment Certificates, Project Instructions and Variation Orders. The Engineer to the Contract must at all times act impartially. On the majority of our project we act as Engineer to the Contract and in some instances undertake this role on its own.

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