Fairfax Media

Client: Fairfax Media

Impact and Fairfax Media started working together in 2002. We’ve managed the design and fit-out of, and staff relocation to Fairfax’s Wellington office, the refurbishment of its editorial offices (while the team continued working) and, in our most recent project, an $8 million project to install a state-of-the-art colour printing press.

The last comprised five independent projects: installing the press; installing the software; strengthening the building; reviewing and updating the power supply; and getting the old and new presses to talk to each other – all while keeping the presses rolling for the daily papers!

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At The Dominion Post and Fairfax Media we have developed a first-class relationship with Impact that has been based on a number of years of excellent service, superior advice and guidance and very professional and skilled key staff. Impact have come to understand our business and always make it their priority to work closely with us as the client to achieve the best and most cost-effective results with minimal disruption to the production of a daily newspaper. We are happy to endorse them.

Paul Elenio
General Manager, Fairfax Central Region