Massey University

In its journey to long-term sustainability, Massey University joined forces with Impact to undertake a building audit review (including environmental building efficiency) for the Wellington-based campus in 2009. Impact, with strong skills and experience in environmental sustainability, was able to assist the Massey University Building and Facilities team.

In 2005-2007, Impact had successfully worked with the Department of Conservation to deliver New Zealand’s first 5-star green building. Impact’s role was to manage the design, tender and construction process for the fit-out and new furniture, in parallel with the landlord’s upgrade work.

The focus of the initial discussion for the University was ‘environmental sustainability’ and the significant opportunity presented by the Massey Wellington campus for improved environmental performance through a progressive and directed upgrade of existing building stock.

Impact’s role was to:

  • Prepare a building-focused environmental policy with guidelines to inform all future planning
  • Study and inform the best green building practice in education buildings around the world, and establish benchmarks for performance
  • Undertake an audit of existing buildings on campus to document their existing condition and environmental performance
  • Study the existing space, occupancy and functions to identify any inefficiencies.

The project delivered a detailed appraisal of Massey’s existing building stock at the Wellington campus. The report summarised all buildings and included a building audit, occupancy review, high-level condition survey, building services audit and building environmental survey.

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