Unisys is a worldwide information technology services and solutions company, providing systems integration, outsourcing and infrastructure services, combined with powerful enterprise server technology.

During 2007/2008 Unisys expanded its data centre on the Kapiti Coast, 50 kilometres north of Wellington – making a further significant investment in New Zealand and doubling the capacity of the facility. The Kapiti facility ensures that technology infrastructure, business solutions and data remain available 24/7 and free from any metro risk, and secures against any unfavourable environmental conditions and unpreventable natural disasters. Worldwide, Unisys operates more than 20 state-of-the-art data centre facilities, using a consistent, tried and proven approach to managing and supporting client solutions.

Since 1999 Unisys has developed and modernised this Kapiti site, incorporating the latest technologies in data centre design and infrastructure. The Kapiti data centre is supported and complemented by the twin Auckland data centre at Penrose. Both of these sites are low-risk facilities that provide secure and robust facilities for the security and safeguarding of mission-critical data and IT infrastructure. The Kapiti development specifically incorporated a new state-of-the-art power plant and an energy-efficient cooling design.

A key feature of the expansion was the incorporation of a movable floating wall, allowing the interior wall of the data centre to be extended outwards as client demand increased. This modular approach is designed to restrict the space to be cooled to the area that is physically being used, to limit overall energy consumption and improve resource utilisation.

As part of the expansion, new technologies were implemented that incorporated free cooling techniques and infrastructure. These combined traditional under-floor process cooler technology with supplementary overhead cooling capable of supporting up to 2000 watts per square metre. By using a combination of different cooling techniques Unisys can achieve an approximate 25% savings in power consumption in a year.

High-specification engineering services design and specialist IT services demanded the development of a workable solution for the data centre. The project included:

• High-capacity data storage to an International Uptime Tier 3+ standard
• A high-powered 2.2 MVA energy-generation system – the power generated has the capability to return any excess power to the National Grid
• State-of-the-art fire protection system
• Highly technical heat, ventilation and air-conditioning services
• Top-level security systems
• An additional storey to the building, providing workstation and break-out areas for Call Centre staff.

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“Unisys New Zealand has engaged Impact on numerous occasions in the past seven years. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, Impact have always delivered a professional service.”

- Mark Wendelken, Unisys Kapiti Data Centre Manager