Waterloo School

Building investigations and challenging design assumptions are particular strong points where Impact have demonstrated added value over and over again. For example, in order for the Ministry of Education to undertake weather tightness repairs to the existing buildings at Waterloo School, classrooms would have to be vacated during the construction work. This required four temporary classrooms and a toilet block to be installed in a suitable location on the school site. Classes in areas affected by the construction work would then be rotated in and out of the temporary classrooms as work progressed to different areas on the school site.

Impact carried out an initial site visit with the school Principal to identify the school’s requirements and confirm the location of the units on the school site, considering factors such as access for delivery of the units, proximity to services such as water, power and sewage and making sure the units could be linked to existing playground or paths. The solution was a turnkey contract with Portacom to provide the temporary classrooms and toilet block. Impact project Management provided a detailed written scope of work for Portacom to base their tender on. This fully defined the scope Portacom were to provide including design, building consent, supplying the units, delivery to site, foundations, installation, services connections, ramps and decking and commissioning.

Throughout the project Impact kept in regular contact with Portacom to ensure they met the programme and provided updates to the Ministry and the School. Prior to delivery to site Impact made sure that a full health and safety plan was in place and agreed with all parties. Once the units were installed, the services connections were complete and the decking and ramps constructed, Impact carried out a final quality inspection and ensured that minor defects noted were rectified before handover to the school. These measures and processes enabled the project to result in multiple temporary buildings which are of a high quality modern learning environment, with little to no disruption to the school’s staff and students.

Impact showed real initiative when challenged with such a time conscious project. They offered insight into cost reducing measures, and free flowing collaboration between the many specialist consultants required to deliver on time.

- Lawrence Joseph, Case Manager, Ministry of Education